Corn maze is growing up!

Price Ranch Corn field

 The corn we are growing for the ‘the old hippies birthday Woodstock Party’ is almost 10ft high now.  And the maze inside is amazing……  It’ll be fun.

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One Response to Corn maze is growing up!

  1. Jon Johnson says:

    The Price Ranch Is An Absolutely Wonderful Place Too Be !!!
    Love The Ranch With All My Heart & Soul !!
    Cathy Is An Amazing Human !!
    Mr Price Would Have Loved To Meet Her!
    Shes One Beautiful Intelligent Caring Woman !!
    Ive ALways Learned As A Child When You Give Your All Too Any Land The Land Always Gives Back !!!!
    Price Ranch Is Simpley A Labor Of Love A Blessing To Be & Live On Such A Place & Too Since Its Love Back From The Hills Too The Valley tops A True Blessing N Deed !!!!

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